8 Easy practices inspired by

neuroscience for C-PTSD

We are

Finding Self

It is our mission to help people transform through the gateways of life. Pain and suffering are our teachers and bring us into alignment with truth. Rather than resist ourselves, we learn to embrace ourselves.

We will guide you from emotional pain through to deep Self connection.

It is possible for all of life’s hardships to bring you closer to yourself, and not farther away.


Learn how to work with your naturally designed emotional genius. The difference between a life full of creativity and purpose and a life full of compromises and unmet expectations, is dependent on how you meet yourself.

Happiness is your birthright. Love is your natural state. Anything else that is in the way of this, is transitory.

You can have a happy and fulfilling life, this we promise you.


have a choice to make:

Will you let your emotions be the sinking force that takes you down to the depths of the ocean?

Or the rocket fuel which blasts you towards what your soul is craving?

See how powerful

you truly are...



Stay connected... to Self.

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