8 easy practices inspired

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Complex Trauma

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Do you feel...


from the world around you


to break free from the dream world


in your own skiin

There is nothing wrong with YOU, it’s trauma.

8 easy practices to achieve:

  • Emotional stability without the struggle.
  • Healing without all the heaviness
  • Emotional clarity without overwhelm
  • A sense of safety without dependency

I felt the same.

Life didn't deal me an easy hand… As a child, I grew up in a stressful environment. In college, I sought out a therapist — I left feeling misunderstood and never went back.

I started having horrifying flashbacks when I was 21. I told my mom — she couldn't believe what I was recalling.

Worse than all of the outright abuse, was the subtle, hard to recognize, ever-present emotional neglect.

It wasn’t until 10 years later I finally got the help I needed. I found the key that changed my life!

If you want to learn how to get:


in your body without inner critic

Natural Self-Control

without self-restraint

Peace of Mind

Without the discipline required in meditation


without chasing perfection

You're in the right place!

Look, I know you’ve tried many things...

It’s not your fault. It’s impossible to succeed when you’re in survival mode.

The truth is, every little step you take towards your healing is worth it.

BUT, and this is a big BUT...

Developmental trauma won’t just magically go away because you - take a yoga class, join a boot-camp, or change your diet.

Lifestyle changes are important but you must go deeper to heal the root of the issue.

The root of the issue.

Like you, all of my efforts were in vain until I found the root cause of my pain: a dysregulated nervous system.

Unfortunately, many of us are living in perpetual dysregulation as a result of a difficult childhood, toxic culture and environmental stressors.

Signs of Dysregulation

Trauma taints each and every experience of life.

Makes you registers everything as a threat.

Leaving you drained and exhausted

A body-based approach is the solution.

"Trauma is a physiological issue, not a mental illness", — Peter Levine.

The secret to healing trauma is regulating the nervous system.

A balanced nervous system isn’t a distant pipe dream. It can easily become your new reality.

A body-based approach is the solution.

"Trauma is a physiological issue, not a mental illness", — Peter Levine.

The secret to healing trauma is regulating the nervous system.

A balanced nervous system isn’t a distant pipe dream. It can easily become your new reality.

What you get with a balanced nervous system



  • Brings you back to a clean slate so emotional triggers roll right off you.
  • Relieves mental stress, rather than fighting against the way you think or feel.
  • The progress you make stays with you and doesn’t dissolve away.
  • Literally changes the way you feel day after day.
  • Work through trauma without having to re-experience it.

You've suffered enough.

So many of the challenges you’ve had to overcome have been an unfair battle. You may not even realize but you’ve been fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

The forgetfulness, the overwhelm, the feeling that things are harder for you than other people. There is a reason — developmental trauma. There is nothing wrong with you!

Developmental trauma is actually a brain injury. Ah! Now it all makes sense right? It is not your fault. It has nothing to do with you who are or what you are capable of.

Your brain can develop and heal.

“It’s a disorder caused by nurture (or rather the lack of it), not nature. This is especially good news, because what was learned can be unlearned, and vice versa”, — Pete Walker.

Because of neuroplasticity, your brain can still develop and heal. You can overcome the effects of developmental trauma.

Because of this healing, you can cure your attachment traumas, have deep intimate relationships, and achieve any of your life's dreams.


Will the Neuro Resilience Toolkit work for me?

If you're looking for relief from excess stress and anxiety, the Neuro-Resilience Toolkit is for you. Not only will this toolkit relieve your symptoms, but it will also heal the root of the problem. Anyone can learn to regulate their nervous system for peace, calm and happiness.

Plus, it’s affordable! This toolkit costs far less than traditional methods of stress management. And by helping you avoid unproductivity, you’ll earn back valuable hours of your day.

How much time does it take?

Each exercise takes between 4 -15 minutes. You can practice for as little as 4 minutes a day and still receive benefits!

Our most dedicated students use all the tools in one sitting for 1 hour daily practice. Some of the techniques become second nature - you can use them throughout your day whenever you need. It's completely up to you!

How do I access my Toolkit?

You’ll gain access to your membership portal, and from there you can login on any device. Take your toolkit with you wherever you go!

How do I learn more about how it works?

We couldn't agree more! You will get better results if you understand WHY you are doing these practices.

You can access a special add-on explaining the key concepts behind these techniques. You can add this to your cart in checkout.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Send us an email at and we'll get right back to you. We'd love to hear from you and answer any of your questions.

Who we are.

Hi! We are Alex and Claire,

We have a combined 20 years of experience in the field of trauma healing, holistic well-being, self-development, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy and nutrition.

It’s our mission to help you recover from chronic dysregulation and developmental trauma.


By practicing short, easy, yet extremely effective practices designed to regulate your nervous system and enhance your neuroplastic healing capacity.

We've designed this toolkit for your recovery to be your new reality.

With love,

Alex and Claire

Founders of

finding Self



  • 8 guided video exercises
  • Accessible from any device
  • Lifetime access
  • Exercises under 10 minutes
  • Regularly updated with the most recent neuroscience research findings

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Recommended by mental health professionals

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